First force close, english people might have encounter was caused because I made a mistake while localizing the application so it can be quite easily translated 🙂

It was fixed few hours after in 1.01b. I apologize for the inconvenient, some bugs like this one happen when you don’t check that everything is working after this quite big change in the code.

The Second force close was experienced by a Beta-Tester since he updated through the market the game without cleaning its device, he kept « corrupted data » that broke the game.

If it’s your case, you might fix it through cleaning « application data » by uninstalling the game and reinstalling or going to settings -> Applications -> manage applications -> Combotouch -> empty data.

I’ll monitor every incoming force close and try to fix them as soon as possible. So don’t forget to report, you aren’t obliged to comment it. Log is often enough to debug it :

I have almost done the « Sound FX » part so I’ll update when the option is done correctly. ( Though I’m not really satisfied because I find the sounds I use quite weird ^^’ )

Note that Bluetooth and Internet updates might be hard to code, so you’ll have to be patient :p