I added a Downloads page to provide a « personnal » link to my APKs in case Markets are down or you can’t reach them.

One thing that troubles me is : How do Corean to play android games ?
Because it’s seems like they can’t access Market games because of their law on « Games Rating »…
So if some of them catch this website, they might try to download the apk here 😉

Moreover, I added the the 1.06d version here that will be released under 1.07 on market when I added another feature…

Indeed the 1.06d had a quite fun feature though : Flashing « Combo » texts, bringing on your screen a « flashing » text while you hit several combo scores ^^’

It’s quite hard to screenshoot them because it don’t last more than 1sec :p

I’m about to work on a Splitscreen versus since none is taking the poll.