Hey there,

I’m currently working setting up multiple menus for more unlockables especially to give the choice of the background :p

Then I’ll try to code the split screen versus which might be quite funny to play… especially on a Tablet !

I might release an intermediate version on Thursday if I can’t get it done before… but you have to know that I have some studies to work on too 😉

There are lot of tweaks I want to get in the game but I didn’t had time … 😉

It seems like there are more and more people playing ComboTouch ( but still quite few that play in language other than French or English ) that might want a « localized » version but I dunno which to start with ^^’.
I’ll redo the buttons on score screen to be « reactive » this weekend. I’ll fix the Challenges Scoreboards for 2 colors Multitouch tomorrow too. I’ll try get notification inApp for my blog updates too ;).

Hum what a schedule !

Meanwhile you can catch me on League of legends as Kayrnt ( If I find time to play :p but don’t worry I will xD ).
Btw for those who wait a real multiplayer mode,  I’m still waiting Asus to release the Transformer 2 to spoil my money…