I just figured out that I actived a useless ( bad ) option allowing people to update their score on challenges leaderboards even they send worse score ^^’

I removed it since it’s  HIGHscore leaderboards (that’s server side so you don’t need to update).

I’ll provide a scale/downscale for the button on score screen so you know if you actually clicked them 😉

I think I will prepare some challenges to complete those existant since nobody send me their challenge.

I wonder if most of the players understood how the challenge selection menu works because there are many that seems to do the 2 colors one and few to try them all.
Maybe people don’t like to have more than 2 colors to do ? But I’ll do a « Toast » to explain people how it works if they didn’t figured out that it is the same as the « new » Android market.

I’m still thinking if I’m going to dev more challenges / going straigth for bluetooth / working on sounds and musics / making an animated nyancat background.
Quite hard to choose since almost none take polls 😡 ( and nobody comments :p ).