If you experienced random crashes in game coming from nowhere and you had « Flashing Combo texts » activated ( by default ), it should be fine now.

The game is now preloading in background while you are in menu, so you might get some better loading times and less memory leaks (still to work on these I think ^^’ ).

I will have a tough Week so I might not be able to update the game a lot these days. That’s why I release a new version even I didn’t had time to fix all details, for example :
If you check the challenge score screen It’s the old one while the new one can be reached in classic / multitouch modes and GameShow doesn’t support backgrounds…

There is also some loop & « smaller » texture ( in fact it doesn’t change anything, I deleted a little « glow » on boxes sides ), the « sprite » aren’t really perfect so I’ll have to cut some little pixels on next patch too.
But It might help your poor GPU to keep the game smooth 😉

Well I’ll fix it soon … I mean ASAP but I have to get some sleep 😉