I’m still not sure the way I’m doing my multiplayer might actually works but I’ll try to get it « working » ( actually I’ll probably release as a « alpha » on the market so that I can try it with friends 🙂 ).
I hope I will be able to get it done this weekend but problems arise every time 🙂

Meanwhile I will add more « little challenges » and maybe some other « goodies » in unlockables so that even if you can’t use bluetooth, the update worths to be downloaded.

I have also a lot to do elsewhere so don’t expect miracles 😀

A little Tip :

If you suffer from some « lag » on your android ( like a ZTE blade for example ), try to switch to other profiles in options ( the top right icon in the corner ) to at least 20 ms ! I’ll make better profile for the next patch so you reduce even more :). If you saw the combotouch implementation  in Nyan Cat wallpaper / game from codlab, my friend is refreshing at 300ms ( 3,3 images per second ) while ComboTouch tries to refresh at 10 ms ( 100 images per second ).

I might also add a version without texture ( as ugly as in the NyanCat version xD ) and a version designed on your screen resolution ( and not rescaled by the engine ) so that small smartphones ( understand underpowered 😉 ) have better framerates and tablets & HD ( like Galaxy Nexus ) smartphone get less aliasing. If you don’t get this point, just think that I will be better for everyone except WVGA screens smartphone for which the game is « optimised ». But doing this, involves quite a lot of recode so I’ll wait a little ^^’.

I also noticed a bug in my news notification on the game menu ( showing new news even when there are none )… I’ll try to find out what’s wrong >.<
Moreover I also see quite randomly white square where textures should appear, I’m really understanding why but I’m trying to prevent this as much as possible and did a potential fix for the next patch.