Tonight I was about to try if my basic bluetooth game part could and… I figured out that Android Emulator doesn’t support Bluetooth !

So I can’t test bluetooth now because I wait the Asus Tranformer Prime to be released !

Meanwhile… I have to rely on people willing to try an alpha of this part… that might work.

It’s supposed to be very basic, you write /startgame in the bluetooth chat, the phone generates a level and send it to the paired device and both starts ( not sure it will be synchronised for the time being … ) and It should end just like a classic game ( 2 colors ).

I’ll probably post an apk version of this tomorrow so motivated people can give me feedback on this ^^’ ( for those who are lucky to have more than 1 android device ).
I hope also that friends will help me to try it but I can’t steal their phone ;)))

So that’s it !

PS : I’m aware that I failed the 1.08b and forgot the sound effect menu so I’ll update this to 1.08c that actually also fix the GameShow… that isn’t working 😡
Maybe I’ll try to find some news sound effect to make this update more « useful » 😀