I haven’t posted news for a day… indeed I spent a lot of time to get in the atos IT Challenge : http://www.atositchallenge.net/ideas/eirbmove

you might find this idea interesting, maybe you might in some months experience it ;), I have to pass the first selection so if you don’t might, « like » it so that it helps us to

be chosen.

I’ll have to spend quite a lot of my time to make a decent video of the features :]

Meanwhile I still trying to find out how to provide a proper way to choose your own backgrounds etc. but I didn’t had enough time to search ( and find what I expected ).
I also think about starting to make more translations and create an option to play without texture ( might help phones with a bad GPU ).

I don’t forget ComboTouch but… eh there are only 24 hours a day…

I’m really busy and I guess it won’t change :p