Hi guys,

I just patched the game so I won’t put another version until at least a week ( because the coming one gonna be tough on studies ).

Still I already thought about a Christmas themed timebar :]

So I’ll try to make it before the 25 december ;)))

Meanwhile everybody can watch my video on the ATOS IT Challenge : http://www.youtube.com/user/Atositchallenge#p/u/5/6zVPaA0BVqc

And of course, like it on facebook :  http://www.atositchallenge.net/ideas/eirbmove .

If you wonder like another student who asked me the question :  » You have already done the App and used it for the video ??? »

–> Come on if I did I wouldn’t take a contest to try to have the support from both my school and ATOS to convince the transport company to get real time information in Open Data … ( not sure if they will really agree on « Open » ).  But I’m busy enough so I don’t have time to program another App for the time being :]