My project rush is about to end … I have just a few things to finish but it shouldn’t be as bothersome as the other things I had to finish today.

I will work on Combotouch tomorrow but I’m not convinced I will have enough time to make a decent update but I guess I will still get one before christmas :p

I’m still waiting the Asus Transformer Prime to be released while Asus keep on getting it delayed…

I tried the bluetooth I code the other day… and It’s quite funny ! Why ? if you didn’t tried … it starts the chat properly… and then when you write anything … the game starts on the « opponent » player device ! But not on yours ^^’ …

It’s not really intended … indeed it was the first time I tried it but I’ll try to « fix » it but still quite hard to figure out how bluetooth works and I usually need a lot of tests to get something working without a major bug 😀

Meanwhile… I won the first stage of ATOS IT Challenge ! And I’m starting the development soon… kinda exciting :>

I hope I will make through the three final teams and why not take the winner place… but well stop dreaming… start working !