I just released the update on the Android Market and SlideMe.

here is the update note :

« 1.11 : New Background / No more bandering -> better textures ( 32 bit rendering ) /Score Auto-refresh after a challenge. / more complete french translation »

SlideMe is quite annoying as I can’t publish update note to « public » as in the android market.


I hope you had some beautiful presents on Christmas and … some time to play ComboTouch !
Don’t miss to tell your friends to download the game as I’m going soon to get an Asus Transformer Prime to test BlueTooth ( As soon as it is released in France in fact… ).

For the time being, on android Market, there are :

3 599 (users)
1 182 net installs (devices)
and 4593 downloads for SlideMe but I think that they count 1 download on every update people do.
I’m thinking about doing a video and a banner to convince more people 😉
If you want to comment or suggest something don’t hesitate :p
I don’t bite !
PS : Don’t forget to join https://www.facebook.com/pages/ComboTouch/123046647803794 !
The ComboTouch icon is such a nice a addition to your Facebook Timeline « Like » icon 😉