I want to publish the dithering patch but I still hesitate to post « such a little » update.

So I’ll try to find something to add … like a new background :]

Meanwhile, I « finished » the french translation which was half done ^^’
I expect to do some other translations… but I’m not good at other languages than French and English.
I might be able to do a « google » translation in Spanish or German but I don’t expect them to be good enough.

Moreover nobody is taking the poll… So I had a new Idea that shouldn’t take me too much time :
create a « Color blind » Option ! Putting a letter in each « box » like R for Red, B for Blue, G for Green, P for Purple » 🙂

edit :

This is what I made for a new background :]

I find it pretty sweet ^^’, I’m not good enough to do insane stuff on Photoshop 😦