I received a crash report this morning… so I couldn’t avoid it and wait to fix it 😉
So I corrected the ( stupid like most of bugs )  crash.

But I wanted to add ( like every time ) something so I chose to add little 8 bits effects that I generated thanks to an interesting online flash app 😉

I added the fix for versus wrong side color blind mode… and some others tweaks on the code ( I made a huge code refactoring in fact … so I expect I didn’t introduce new bugs ^^’ )

Finally you got the new glossy icon and some cool « arrow » icons that match others for unlock menu.


About the future plans… I’m watching the new version of the Engine I use … and … well it requires GL ES 2.0 to work.
Which means you have to possess a Android 2.2+ version. Quite tricky since 20% of my players on Android Market are in 2.1 ( since ComboTouch isn’t compatible with 1.X ).
The advantage of this version for me are :
– new APIs ->> new cool stuffs 😉
– reworked system ->> better FPS / less Bugs

So I think I’ll wait a little until I switch … but when I will have made the changes … I’ll definitly switch ^^’

To finish, I’m thinking about native resolution support :
For the time being, every smartphone is drawing the game in 800/480 and then rescale it to your screen resolution.
This means that low tier smartphone will lag and ComboTouch on tablets isn’t that pretty…
I’m not really sure about the way to do it but I think I’ll start to redraw everything ( or mostly ) in SVG instead of PNG ( SVG is a lossless format that scales with resolution ).

I’ll post more when I have time to do something about this.