Yep I have done most of it … I actually just have to add it to Challenge and Multitouch part to ship the update…
But I might add some bitchy achievements and ladderboards before 😉

I’m quite interested about adding some particles stuffs on Combos to make it just as cool a guitar hero 😉

I might also tone a bit my colors to make them « right » ^^’.

So I’ll patch tomorrow or the day after … depending on how it goes.

Ps : I fixed the « website news » notification so that it’s refreshed when you click the icon.
Actually, in the current version, if you see the notification, you have to click it… quit the game … reclick it and you’re « up to date » … quite stupid indeed 😉 ( but that coding part was tricky ).


Edit : Added a screenshot… everyone loves screenshots, isn’t it ? ( yes it’s written in french ! but that’s not the point :p )