It has been already a week since the last news 😉

Time flies… especially when you have a lot to do !

I have quite a lot of plan for ComboTouch… but I don’t have a lot of time to spend on this these days.

Indeed I have an annoying project in which I’m supposed to create a « useless » compiler in one week. ( Something I hate especially when you don’t really know how to do it properly ! :p )

But studies > personnal projects since I still don’t have my diploma 😉


I’m also going back to « Eirbmove » project that is now a « school » project for me :]
I’ll speak about it when something is working 😀

Finally I got to buy my ASUS Transformer Prime… but I still haven’t received it ( I bought it online today ).
I’ll try to get the bluetooth working then :p

If you want to try out most of the « locked » features, don’t miss to join .

There are some people that have crash on game starts … It’s quite strange… I’m trying to find what’s wrong since It seems to happen to only some devices…