I wanted to try the new version of my engine using ComboTouch to access new features and bug fixes…

But for the time being, I ported the code to the new API but I have a lot of problem about textures loaded… but not shown !

It’s a quite strange problem that I don’t have on the current release… even that the code is really similar :/

I’m trying to see if I can fix it but I will have to check some proper code using the API because I can’t understand if it’s the engine or my code that « sucks ».

I might think about trying other engine someday too because I have a lot of issues with textures disappearing and strange graphical crash I don’t know where they come from…


I’m still busy, I don’t what I’m going to do first … probably a little content update :]

I will have to restore my 1.12c code ^^’


Programming using libs is often quite tricky ! 😀