Now that I have 2 devices …  I can test bluetooth properly !

That Asus Transformer Prime is quite nice… but I’m going to return it ( for a refund or resell it… ) because it has no GPS working ( like most of Asus TF prime but no other defects like serious light bleed / wifi fallout / random lockups ) and I don’t want to play with Asus support for months… If you seek a Asus Transformer prime 32 go Champagne + AZERTY keyboard, you might be interested ( I sell it the price it cost me 608,06€ + ship ).
Therefore I will try to use it a little as I wait for a response about returning it. It’s a really good tablet but I want GPS !!§ ( remember that I’m developing a real time tracking app using GPS ? )

So I’ll try to get that function working and maybe rework a little the « unlockable » items 😉

You can still ask me features or goodies but remember that I haven’t much time 😉