It was 2 AM and I wasn’t focused… « Bref » I failed my code refactoring !
But it’s fixed in 1.14b ! :]

Well it’s quite funny when you think about it because I was testing new stuff in Android Timebar mode while many of you are using the classic timebar !
( Some of you might wonder : « Oh we can switch the timebar for real ??? » )

Such a stupid bug would have been fixed in a hour IF I HAD SEEN ALL THAT REPORTS COMING ON MY DEVELOPER BOARD.
But …………………… Google merged the issue with one old old old old old crash ( 1.07 ! that’s like 4 months ago ! ) and so didn’t appear as new bugs !
I had to get curious on why would all these nice players have been stopping and uninstalling the game… That was obvious … A CRASH … but I couldn’t find any bug until I saw today the 13 reports on one kind of CRASH !

So, now, you know why it took me 3 days to finally release a patch !