I have been quite busy working on lot of things ( or playing 😉 ).
But I wanted to ( finally ) add a localisation ! So I took the first language after English & French ( on android market stats ) to translate in !

You might notice a lot of mistake in this translation ( ty Google translate ) because I’m not really good at German 😉

You might want to reports so outrageous errors in comments 😉

Meanwhile, some Japanese started playing ComboTouch :]
That’s why ( as a tribute 😉 ) I added a little Hatsune miku Timebar ^^.

You might want to know that ComboTouch is also available on the Blackberry Playbook ! 🙂

I don’t know if I might do a Iphone / Ipad version… but this market is costly ( 80e / y ) and ComboTouch might not be able to cover this… not to mention the time needed to transform the game in ObjectiveC … ( I would have to rebuild a lot of stuff and fine a library close enough to  AndEngine ).

Now That I have done a little Bluetooth part I might finish it ( adding score synchronisation ) and think about the Internet part 😉

I had also 2 others projects I wanted to start but I might miss the time to work on these ! :-/
Life is tough ! 😀