Edit : Ow… I reworked the UI but not the screen explaining it … -_-  #fail … poor new users ^^’

After speaking with some people : one thing was recurrent… « what’s that button for ??? »

And when I asked a new player to find an option or the change something… tough time !

It was pretty obvious that things were wrong… so I tried to make them better !
Here a first result !

I would agree with anyone that would say : it isn’t perfect though !
( I hope I won’t loose « regular » player with these changes 😉 )

Well, I didn’t turned upside down the App but I think you will find it a bit more… « tidy » 🙂

Of course I fixed the bug I was speaking about in the last news… example.png isn’t exemple.png for the program :p

I wish I could do more… but I have to switch on another project 😉
Still I wonder if some people would be interested in SmashThat source code ?
I might release it under Apache License … it was more a learning project than something else 😉
You might learn interesting stuff their if you start in Android programming :>

( you might also see some pretty crappy hacks because I wasn’t understanding well Java and OOP concepts while trying… hard ^^ )