That’s a good question ! 😀

Indeed one user reported that he couldn’t use ComboTouch without wifi…
I already had this issue once but I encountered it while trying !
It’s quite strange because I can switch to Airplane mode … and it didn’t impact the game at all ( except I couldn’t see any ads & no online scores because no internet )

Anyone else get a force close on « no wifi » ( no internet ? ) ?
I’m really trying to crash my app but you’re really better than me to do that !

Another strange crash I ran into was about some texture in multitouch…
I didn’t found how to reproduce this crash too :/

Also the text showing bonus stacking is bugging if you pass 99 … but the game doesn’t 😉
( just a graphical glitch, it is fixed for the next update ).

Don’t miss the small review done by CooLoserTech :