Now playing in the « medium » playground !
I’m quite happy to reach this new range on my birthday 😉

I know I didn’t update ComboTouch a lot lately but I’m about to get into my exams period so I won’t start now 😦
I’ll probably have way more time to work a bit on it starting June !

But I might switch to another game I’m thinking about !
I lack of feedbacks on ComboTouch to understand what people are expecting of it !

I’ll link a video of the App I’ve been working on for my school and 2 challenges in few weeks !
It’s a kinda cool concept although it’s more like a proof of concept than a fully working one :-/

People are being quite reluctant to play  the new brainfuck mod… it might not be « brainfucking » enough !
I will find a way to twist your mind more :
– I’m thinking about inverting colors every 5 good touchs ! 🙂