I have received some crash reports these last days from ComboTouch about crashes.

Most crashs seem to be linked to music :

You have probably used the option « choose your music » to play a music on ComboTouch. But this feature is quite complex to set up properly and is mostly an « alpha ». It works only when used with some music player to access music files.

So I don’t test if « it works » ( in fact I test an access but not everything I should). So the game crashs when he can’t play the file… I will put more « safeguards » on this function… but I’m really really really busy these days.

So just don’t use it if it crashs the game… I can’t advise you well else than maybe reseting the cache / data in Android Application manager ( if it worked before you tried to tinker options / bonus ^^ ).

There might be others crash sources… but I’ll dig the problem when I end my exams. It should be done in 1 or 2 weeks.

Diablo 3 is actually taking the most of free time too … sorry. ( or not because that game powns :] )