I know I wanted to release my new version last Weekend but I’m somehow busy ( and lazy ? )

So I didn’t manage to finish it last week… neither this one !

One of the reason is that I don’t think it worth publishing it in the state in it is currently :p

The other is that I didn’t expected Openfeint ( now GREE ) to break all its API as soon…
So I will have to get the new SDK and fill in a lot of crap … : – /

I’ll try to get the work done by the end of the next week but you can’t always predict how many times these things take !

I’ll have to some other stuff too maybe … bwah ! :]

But you can check the new Background and one of the timebar in the screenshot 😉

Finally I’m quite annoyed because I can’t buy a SGS3 since the shop where I want to buy it still… don’t have it -_-

Meanwhile stay tuned !