It took me quite to fix what I wanted and fill lot of forms to migrate ! ( not to mention documentation read )

Note that I’ll monitor if GREE is working properly because I suspect the migration process not to work as fine as I expected !

Meanwhile, I hope everything else will work as intended 😉

But no matter what I always forgot little bugs around edges, so feel free to report them through crashes reports if it happens or email to Kayrnt-AT-gmail-Dot-com.

I’ll try to release more new content if I find time to ! I program around 7h a day for the company I do an Internship for ( Atos Worldline ) and sometimes it’s quite hard to come back home to
program more at night :]

Stay tuned for upcoming changes, the adventure is going on :]

Edit : ( As expected ) GREE isn’t working -_-
I’ll try to figure out if there is way to have it works or I’ll switch to another leaderboards manager

Edit2 : I was able to load the SDK properly but not to have scores sent :-/

Edit3 : I published 1.18a to allow people to log in GREE but it seems there’s no way to send scores 😦
I’ll watch closely if I missed something though I feel like the problem come from the Android GREE SDK…
I fixed an issue with « Bonus » menu crashing on 480×320 screens and lower ( yeah I always forget to test these « low » res on emulator … it’s so boring 😀 )

Edit4 ( 05/07 ) : GREE just released a new SDK update, I’ll check if it fixed the issues I ran into.
Depending on how it’s done, I’ll patch tonight if I can and probably solve the scoreboards issuees… if it works… 🙂

Edit5 : Working on some fixes -_-, these fast releases broke so many things.