Edit for developers expecting to use Scoreloop : check that post for some easy scoreloop integration ( don’t forget to add scoreloop SDK to your project ) .

I spent a lot of time trying to migrate to GREE… but let’s be honest : the SDK is too bugged, I don’t want to use my time to fix their stuff and there might be some server side issues too so it would be a waste of time.

GREE is also quite a pain for users as it requires to create an account whereas Scoreloop is more user-friendly ( like Openfeint was ).

Scoreloop isn’t perfect as well since I can’t easily setup different boards ordered by different ways ( or else it’s not very clear ) and I have still to think about the way challenges times will be transformed to challenge scores !

But Scoreloop is a good platform, I used it on Smashthat and used Openfeint to give it try ( I liked it quite well too but now it’s gone! ).
I’ll probably do achievements support  in a further version so you can enjoy leaderboards sooner.

I also included « Google Analytics » in my latest builds, it’s a wrong for a good :

I have can now know which parts are the most popular to focus on them ( and ensure that I don’t break them… at least ! :p ). Stay tuned for next cool updates on the gameplays you like 😉

I don’t spend insane amount of time on ComboTouch these days because most of my internship is about programming on Android ( about 30h a week on Eclipse just at the office ). I have also another game I want to start & a personnal/professional application to release for september 🙂

After taking part in the Atos IT Challenge, I’m now into the Galileo Masters challenge 🙂
I hope I’ll be able to do better :p

Finally, I got a Samsung Galaxy S 3, few weeks ago and will be new « test » hardware for my games… It’s quite bothersome if I want to notice « performance » issues ^^’
Actually most people are playing  with resolution smaller the WVGA ( 800×480 ) that’s why the game is a little « bigger » ( in size ) : I added few versions ago « low » resolution textures ( low mean it fits well 400x240p screens else you run the 800×480 version ). I wonder if it really affect performances but I never had such a smartphone to compare 🙂

I’m going for some little tweaks before releasing ( that might be tomorrow … ) but I’ll certainly try everything this time xD ( I’m tired to republish fixes over « fixes » ).

Today was the 14 July, the french national day !
So « Bon 14 juillet à tous les français et les francophones ! 😀 »

some electro love to conclude ! 🙂