NOTE : Because of its support for Android 2.1 / 2.2, the game currently « lags » on bonus « activation » -> you have to wait like 15-30 sec and refresh bonus to avoid to « repay ».
I’m going to fix this in 1.19c along with bugs like abstract flowers background for low resolution screens and adding a confirm box for bonus stuff ( already done).
I also optimized some memory management I forgot to do ( as some shrunking on assets size ).
I’ll try to finish up that stuff by the end of the week.

Thanks for you attention.

Edit : this is done in 1.19c.

This a the current game icon :

I won’t disclose any information on what it will be but it will require me some times to get the game done. 🙂
I hope to get it done before september but since I have other projects to dev too, it might require a bit more time.

I still have to require to put back achievements on ComboTouch but I don’t know if people really expect them…
Since I have few spare time to do this, I think I’ll wait a bit :]

I also wanted to do online versus mod but hum… I require quite a hell of time to prepare such a system :-/
I’ll keep an eye on upcoming social network platforms to check if one will finally provide a decent SDK to make a multiplayer game.
The problem will still be the price and the cost in time, so I won’t commit myself to release it soon.

I’ll probably release some news bonus from time to time 😉

I noticed someone reporting a strange crash but … Google Play reports aren’t that helpful because they don’t give my device information ( model, screen size …)
So I’m kinda stuck on this since I don’t see what’s wrong 😡 ( and I don’t know how to reproduce the crash !!! )

If you crash on some « bonus », please comment so I can check what’s wrong ( because I suspect that it is the reason of the crash I received ).
If you crash on another game part, you can comment too ! 🙂