I felt like I lack some backgrounds 😉

So here it is in its full HD version ( for computers ) :

I find it pretty kewl !

I feel like I will be to busy ( and lazy ) to achieve the 1.20 this weekend so I’ll go for some 1.19e ^^

That is also designed to fix ( hopefully ) the last crashes coming from Scoreloop.

By the way, if you interested by making Scoreloop games, you might check my utils sources that are so stupid to use 🙂 ( Just use ScoreLoopUtils.getInstance().XXXXXX() somewhere )

it might not be perfect but you can give it a try :


Good Luck & Have Fun :]

I forgot to add a screenshot 🙂 :


I want to make some more changes for the 1.19e ( I was thinking about a « bonus » preview ) so the APK with this bg is only available on my ftp.