Hey !

It has been already a month since my latest update blog post 🙂

I am quite overwhelmed with programming stuff actually !

I finished my internship at Atos Worldline and here some info about what I was working on :



I hope some screenshots are going out too someday 🙂

I hope I’ll find some time to make some cool tutorials about things I tried 😉

I’m working a nice App for http://www.laminutrit.fr that will be released soon on the Google Play Store !

However it’s a very « specific » app that can used only with www.laminutrit.fr and so will be available to everyone but only usable to one company employees for the time being 🙂
But if you are french, you might see it spreading through « Normandie » region in upcoming months and later in other regions 😉
Foreigners might have to wait a bit more before getting a chance to experience this service.

I’m currently working on its « iphone » version ( I mean I’m learning how the hell is working ObjectiveC and iOS ).

I’m currently working on a JQuery Mobile version since I don’t have a mac & iphone and « hackintosh » isn’t a decent solution.

So as usual… I’m quite busy and didn’t found a lot of time for some ComboTouch update !

Though I’m still thinking about adding some content 🙂 ( but at least current version is quite stable ! )

Meanwhile, have fun !