That’s not a joke 😉

I changed the score system for « classic »games.

I’ll add a new timebar and a new background !

As a proof, here is the full hd version of this background :

( that’s my new desktop wallpaper ! )

As a fast explanation on how works the new score system :

every 10 * 2^n combo you get your score multiplier for next boxes increased by 1.

but for every fail, your multiplier is decreased by 1.

The system works « as a ladder » and so you step up and step down if you achieve your current game perfectly or not.

The « old » system still applies : this « new score » is added to your « best combo » to determine your final score to upload 🙂

it might tone down the effect of « last boxes » fails versus « first boxes » fails :p


I don’t really know how to build a « perfect » formula so that everyone feels the game fair but it will certainly spread score between good players and awesome players !


Finally my « holydays » ( kinda a joke since I programmed almost 10h /day for my 15 days of vacation ) are over. Last 4 months before having my latest « lessons » and entering… the brutal world of work :p
By the way, I finished the Android app I spoke about in the last post ( and the JQuery Mobile website too :p ) so I gave me some time to do some combotouch stuff !