I haven’t post for a long time since I’m busy ! ( I wish I could be busy with ComboTouch but I can’t 😦 )

This last year at my engineering school brought me quite a lot of work… on some interesting ( still heavy ) projects.

One of them is here : http://code.google.com/p/enseirb-matmeca-apms/

Yes it’s open-source !

In fact, the real project is in GPLv3 … but I sweated quite a lot alone to produce this skeleton so that I can spare some time to interested guys : the following code is released under Apache license 2.0 !

Here we go :


if you don’t have any idea on how to use this, you might check  if you can read french :


I’ll probably do a little « monthly » update for combotouch soon ! ( if I’m finding time on thursday for example )

If you like it, you can help me by voting  on http://www.500000etmoi.fr/projet/la-minutrit until late november 2012 ( it’s a new company I’m working with :> )