That was a first time ! Yep, I just had a « hackathon » 🙂
I took part into the event called « BeMyApp », it’s a kind of event where you are expected to build from scratch a prototype of a mobile application during a weekend !
That one was on OpenData & Tourism so I decided to join with 2 mates of my engineering school to try !
We met a « project leader » which had an idea and was looking for developers & designers so we made a group of 4.
We didn’t managed to get some designers or even marketers … quite a empty spot that didn’t help us to win the challenge !
Indeed we didn’t earned any prize but I think the idea wasn’t really in par with what the jury expected and winner teams were composed up to 11 persons ( quite unfair for us :p )
However there were cool and well-designed apps that won so I don’t feel like jury was totally corrupted :p
You might want to check them out thanks to #BMAOpenTourisme hashtag !

But that doesn’t really matters. Here is the app idea :

The mobile application gathers all your geotagged photos on your smartphone then through a hierarchical agglomerative clustering algorithm we select some photos that looks like to represent a decisive spot your trip and then we identify the spot through OpenData on locations. Finally we create a « postcard » that is rendered by the smartphone and sent to a server like Instagram.

We called it : TripInPic

Here an example :

That was « fun » to develop ! I slept 9h over between Friday and Monday 😉

If you want to test this event : I suggest to give it a try ! It’s a nice event 🙂
If the organisation team is as cool as the french one, you’ll definitly have a good weekend !


Finally I had some time to rest  update ComboTouch !

So I managed to fix some bugs I spotted through Google Analytics & Google Developer Console ( In fact most crashs aren’t reported so the new Analytics was a great help ! )
I decided that was a good opportunity to a new mode ! I felt like this one was lacking :




Regular players will find out that it is a 1×1 colors cooperation gameplay ! Good luck if you try it 😀

On the next update, I’ll revamp the bonus menu into a UI like Challenge one !
In fact it might be quite boring to use for you… but it is also a pain for me to add bonus into the current one !

I don’t know if people are still expecting the online version but I don’t think I’ll have time to develop it if there isn’t a good API to use it.
Wait and see ! 🙂