Edit : The upcoming update should be for the 31/12/12 🙂 ( or the 32 😉 )
I’m working on a decent tutorial ! Hopefully, you might understand how multipliers and god mode works. ^^’

Hi guys !

ComboTouch icon with christmas hat

I don’t post quite often these last days ( ok weeks… fine… lets say months 🙂 ) ! I don’t update ComboTouch as often as I want too ^^’
As usual, my engineering school still eats most of my time ! But la minut’rit is also hanging on my skills 😉
Finally, I ended second ex-eaquo a « little » challenge called « Galileo Masters » in Aquitaine as I purposed my real-time transport application project.
( So I earned a year in a company incubator so that I can have help to work on my project )

All of this being said, I’ll might dig into some few bugs remaining in ComboTouch and delivers some news cool bonuses !!!
I might also add some challenges ! I’ll really like to add a random matchmaking online mode with a ladder … but I would be soooooo long to implement that I think I won’t have time to make anything decent at this moment ! ( yeah I have so many projects on the way that I can’t afford to spend days on this … yeah literally. Maybe if someone want to do it or has some INSANE library/API/Framework, I might give it a try 🙂 )

Finally, I wish you a Merry Christmas guys !
I hope you have fun with your gifts 😉
I personally enjoy my brand new MacBook Pro Retina ! ( yep, now, no excuses not to program on Iphone/Ipad :p )

1 month to go before I start my last internship… in Belgium 🙂
I’ll work for Bizzdev there.

If you still don’t know, you can get some free bonus over here : https://www.facebook.com/notes/combotouch/unlock-codes-/318484951593295
Don’t miss to drop a com’ if you want something special for this epic year ! ( or just like the game 😉 )