That’s my first post for 2013  but probably not the last 🙂
As expected January was busy ! No time to code some funny stuffs !

However I’m currently « having fun » with View Pagers and Drag & Drop lists for my app Kaynote. Hopefully, I’ll release a new version this week … and a tutorial on how it’s done as well 😉 !

I’ll probably do some minor update for ComboTouch as well !

I’m supposed to be in « holidays » but I’m learning iOS quite hard to build an app for la minut’rit 🙂 ! Objective C isn’t my preferred language but I have to deal with it ( although I don’t think I’ll port ComboTouch on Iphone … ! ).

Meanwhile I finished my GIS project and a video is available here :

The project is open-source as GPLv3.

Stay tuned.