Edit : The new version should be up. Hopefully, I’ll fix some annoying bugs soon !

As explained my last news… I managed to make a sweet view pager indicator using drap & drop lists !

As a reminder, you can find the current version here :

Kaynote on Google Play

Now here is the new result :

Kaynote screenshot 1Screenshot Kaynote 2

It’s not coming in the upcoming hours since I have some memory leaks & bugs & translation & legacy compatibility to do !
Maybe even some layout tweaking ^^
So you might have to wait the weekend !

If you’re already interested in how some of this is done, you might want to comment since I’m going to do a tech article on how to use
https://github.com/bauerca/drag-sort-listview with https://github.com/JakeWharton/Android-ViewPagerIndicator !
Also some interesting stuff as saving & refreshing the views but also the widget !!!

Indeed you will notice that sliding the view pager will trigger a refresh on the widget so that you can have different note lists !

I’m still thinking what I’ll add to ComboTouch !

BTW I’m now living in Belgium for 7 months !