I’m currently working on several fronts !

ComboTouch : I could say that I’m going slow yet steady on my next update. I’m currently trying ( again ) to go for the GLES2.0 of AndEngine however I wish migration was as simple as a simple setup to run ! I don’t know when I’ll be done especially since that kind of patch usually start driving me nuts when a whole part of my source code has to be rewritten.

Kaynote : Well I could say that I spend way more time on this than I expected ! Especially since I wanted some « flashy » features which are quite simple on the paper yet tough to code. « Natural » look & feel isn’t usually the simplest way to achieve things… 🙂
Yet I think that these updates want quite smooth… ok… not as smooth as I expected for the 1.1x ! However it’s fixed 😀
I have yet to think about some new cool features 🙂

La minut’rit : I’m building an iOS version of the app, so it is one of the things that keep me quite busy ! Learning & programming for pro is really interesting though quite hard to see clear through. 😉
Android version will be updated as well … however no date on the schedule.

SmashThat : Don’t worry I won’t unburry it 😉

TripInPics : Oh man… I don’t have the time to handle this 😡
But does anyone matters whatsoever ?

MyCUB & Inertness : Both projects are linked somehow… ! Yet I don’t know if I’ll pursue for the time being. I need to talk on that subject with some people (and follow OpenData growth). However I don’t have any server to host the MyCUB WebApp.

BAUG & Development tutorial articles : Well it’s something I mike ! I often browse around the web and find a lot of cool tutorials out there so I feel like that’s somehow my turn on some subjects 😉
I try to write some in French however I think that they are way more useful when written in English…
I’m currently going to write a short tutorial & snippet after this update. I hope it will useful (I think so at least !)

Android developer tool project : I feel like there are some missing features on strings/localization for Android developer tools and I’m going make a simple java program to save me ( and maybe you ) some precious minutes on this ! 🙂
I’ve a lot of ideas but not as much time I would like to develop them !

Finally, I’m « no more » student since I’m doing a 7-month internship in Belgium.
Android, OSGI, Java stuff …decent sized project 🙂
However I don’t know yet what will happen at the end ! (else receiving my diploma…at least I expect so :D)