I have worked on this for the since a week or so and finally managed to have something « working » ! 🙂

That’s not perfect but I expect to get some time to update this later…

ALPHA VERSION, the source code is partially documented & manually tested. You might want to save your files first !!!

What’s for ?

This project is an Eclipse plugin designed to synchronize your strings.xml across localization :

  1. It reads your res/values.xml
  2. It compares all its ids & comments to add missing ids to your other localization

Why ?

I usually do increment builds with different languages but I’m often doing this as « indie » and when I want to sort my strings.xml I usually add them to my res/values/strings.xml and just forget to add them to others locales… and guess what ? Users don’t like SLOPPY WORK. 🙂

« lol » almost useless ?

Well, it will show you empty strings too fill into your strings.xml thanks to warnings… it might save you some minutes  and maybe if I could implement some translate tools API to make you a direct translation… it might actually be more efficient than doing some copy paste in http://translate.google.com/toolkit/.

I find copy pasting strings ids really boring so you have better solutions I’m looking forward to hear them 😉

Some features ?


  • Backup by default at <ProjectFolder>/backup/ (checkbox to disable)
  • Revert process from your backup
  • Reorder your localized strings.xml as your main strings.xml

Get it :

How to use :

  • Right click on an Android Project and hit « Sync strings.xml ».

Small example :

res/values/strings.xml :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<string name="loading">Loading :</string>
     <string name="skipTutorial">Skip tutorial</string>
     <string name="next">Next</string>
     <!-- tutorial on screen process image -->
     <string name="tutorial1_hi1">First time on ComboTouch ?</string>
     <string name="tutorial1_hi2">Press next to start the tutorial.</string>
     <string name="tutorial2">Check the color there</string>
     <string name="tutorial3">Now just tap the right color !</string>
     <string name="tutorial4">As long as it matchs the color...</string>
     <string name="tutorial4b">Your multiplier goes up every 10*2^n !</string>
     <string name="tutorial5">Every 50*2^n boxes, you get god mode !</string>
     <string name="tutorial5b">But only for 2 seconds !</string>
     <string name="tutorial6">Now it\'s your turn !</string>


res/values-fr/strings.xml :

<string name="loading">Loading :</string>
     <string name="skipTutorial">Skip tutorial</string>
     <string name="next">Next</string>

--------------------- Android Strings tool process ----------------------

Now the res/values-fr/strings.xml looks like :

<string name="loading">Loading :</string>
     <string name="skipTutorial">Skip tutorial</string>
     <string name="next">Next</string>
     <!-- tutorial on screen process strings -->
     <string name="tutorial1_hi1"></string>
     <string name="tutorial1_hi2"></string>
     <string name="tutorial2"></string>
     <string name="tutorial3"></string>
     <string name="tutorial4"></string>
     <string name="tutorial4b"></string>
     <string name="tutorial5"></string>
     <string name="tutorial5b"></string>
     <string name="tutorial6"></string>


It’s Open source :

You can find the source code under APACHE Licence 2.0 ( yet to submit some licence file… ) :


but also the standalone version ( just a java program ) :


Todo list :

  • play starcraft 2
  • support plurals
  • Make some tests
  • Do a proper documentation
  • fix the layout of the custom dialog & add progress bar & error management…
  • optimize perfomances (concurrency is a bitch)
  • Mavenize ?

Feel free to pull & push & fork & reuse & create plugins or whatever !