It’s been a while since my latest post !

I have been  busy completing my internship and then the exams related to it.
I also worked on some of my own project, I spent some time on creating my Portfolio here :
But I actually spent most of my time on which I host on my dedicated server.
I more recently dived into Scala and did some stuff like porting my Android String Tool or doing some sample on my Github.
Finally, I’ll be joining Teads next week and moving to Montpellier. The choice was tough but the work and the team look like awesome (ok ok… the city and the weather seem cool too :D)

I promised quite a long time ago (like in january), I’ll be moving to AndEngine GL ES2.0 to expect some bug fixes ! Actually that was way longer to do than I expected since lot of the API has been updated and required a lot of refactoring ! I actually didn’t had time to retest everything so I’ll monitor crashes 🙂

So you can get the new 1.26 version on Download page or at

At the same time, I’ve been working since January on the iPhone version of « la minut’rit » which is currently under beta test. It will be released soon (hopefully …).

I still don’t know if I will have time to do much more since I start my new job soon and I’m following some lessons on Coursera too.