These last months, I have been having fun with people trying out Tinder and finally ran into sum automatic liker on the desktop but also on Android. I felt like it was missing quite some features and it wasn’t anywhere but free to access good features so I thought I could code mine as well !

So I started my little project 2 months ago, stopping yet another app project I started but way bigger to achieve to enjoy a release any time soon. I’ll try add some features since I feel like it miss quite a lot of stuff to make it working as expected. I feel like the app might go to trash in few months with upcoming Tinder Plus stuff but it might drive its users to where the grass may be greener (Happn maybe ?).

TindPlayer is free and available on the Android app store:

Featured image

I won’t dedicate a lot of time to it as I have already a full-time job at Teads that fills quite well my passion for software development (though I don’t do Mobile nor Frontend there so I’m doing some at home !). Yet I feel like I’m up another new challenging project that doesn’t take advantage of some closed proprietary API that might change or disappear whenever they want it to (that’s the game though :D).

I’ll probably go back to clean Scoreloop from ComboTouch as the service is deprecated and hopefully, migrate to Google one ! But I’m quite lazy so I still postpone it every time…