The game isn’t Working ?

There are bugs since I usually don’t QA all the game even if I rebuild lot of my code quite often.
So if you can’t launch the game : try to reset the options ( timebar , music , …. ) / or clean the ComboTouch data in Android application settings.
If it’s still not working or you don’t want to lose your stats/scores : send a android crash report and or comment here / Tweet me / post on the facebook wall.
Try to tell me which phone/tablet you use, if the game already worked and  if it’s a feature tell me which.

So bug are quite tricky to understand because they don’t happen on some phone.
I’m quite stuck when my libraries are « crashing » my game. I usually find a hack but still…

The game might not work on all phones since it uses OpenGL ES ( Graphic rendering ) but it should be very rare that this is the reason.

The game is force closing sometimes ?

Well Depending on phone, the game might requires memory that isn’t available and it can crash…
Android is « cleaning » memory when ComboTouch is in the background so if it clears useful data like textures… bam it crashs… I’m not sure how to handle this with AndEngine for the time being.
I can only ensures that the game is working on a Samsung Galaxy S and the Asus Transformer Prime, I’ll do my best so that it works correctly on most phones but I can test it before it’s released.

Are you working full time on this ? 

Students work part time in Mcdo to make some money, I try to make some doing a Ad-sponsored game… well…
I have made as many money as someone working 1

day in a fastfood but on 3 months.
But it’s still « funnier » to code and learn Java / Android SDK than making hamburger.
I used to tutor students too but I’m too busy with this 🙂 ( 2 hours = 3 months of ads ).

How long did it take to create the game ?

10-30 hour/week, certainly something like 150h maybe more.

 How many people have downloaded ComboTouch ?

As the 27/07/12, 12000 on Android market and 16k on SlideMe… other markets don’t draw much attention :-/

Why isn’t there any music on ComboTouch ?

Simple question, simple answer : I don’t know how to create decent music !
You might want that I use any random music but if I do and I get caught it will be quite painful and it isn’t the way I work.
I might something someday but remember that I can’t use any CC content and 1 track of royaltie free music cost more than I have ever earn with ComboTouch !
( FYI : That’s not hard I haven’t earn anything yet. )

There is some texture bleeding ( like lines around a letter especially on tablets ) on ComboTouch … why ?

That’s a problem with AndEngine … I will investigate about it … soon.